Estate Planning

Documents Available through My Office...

(and the reasons why you need them):


Last Will and Testament

  • Allows you to direct which people will get what money and property when you die
  • Directs custody of minor children you leave behind
  • Limits access to the estate until the children are born

If you have minor children or grandchildren but no will,
you are guilty of parental malpractice.  -
USA Today


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(Health Care)/Power of Attorney

  • Allows your parents to give you the power to take care of their financial and other business for them when they can't
  • Allows you to make medical decisions for them, converse with doctors on their behalf, etc.


 Living Will

  • Allows you to make your own decisions in advance and in writing about whether you want to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means if you are vegetative.


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